Within the last decade or so, the word MULTITASKING weaseled its way into our collective vocabulary, and before anyone could object it had carved itself a permanent home. Bosses loved it because they thought it meant wringing more and more work out of an increasingly smaller staff, but those of us overburdened by this new miracle would differ on its actual value.

Unfortunately, much as we’d love to believe otherwise, multitasking actually delivers less of an end result than its predecessor, which was of course the process of simply handling tasks one at a time.

My secret: Bring back SINGLETASKING!

Doing one job at a time frees me to be totally focused on what’s in front of me, start to finish, creating (and not messing with) a concise, unadulterated flow of energy.

When I’m yours, I’m All Yours -

No distractions, no conflicts, no loose ends, and best of all, no dilution of the creative process.

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Ruth has taught me a thing or three about merchandizing, particularly in the ever-changing online space. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone with more wit and energy!

--Andrea James

Co-Founder, Deep Stealth Productions

Ruth Waytz is one of the nicest, most professional and organized individuals one could ever collaborate with.

--Al Q

principal/creative director

tornado design la

Ruth's outstanding writing, editing and project management skills made her an excellent addition to our staff of publishing professionals. She brought a welcome creative spark to the trade magazine world.

-- Jeff Gentile, Manager Editor

Bobit Publishing

"Ever since Ruth involved herself in promoting and marketing his work, Coop's art started to become evident everywhere.  No longer was Coop seen as simply a talented illustrator;  he became an icon of the hotrod, rock'n'roll and lowbrow scenes. Ruth  certainly has a magic touch."

--Adam Parfrey, Feral House

Call Ruth if you want to get the job done – she’s like a force of nature. When Ruth represents you, she makes things happen. She’s the one I’d want in my corner.

-- Peggy Nadramia, Hell’s Kitchen Productions


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